DO’s and Don’ts of Holiday Credit Card Shopping


Set yourself up for financial success with these holiday credit card tips! The holiday shopping season is here! Although shopping with credit cards can be a great tool to build credit, it’s easy to overspend during the holidays. DO Determine Your Budget When Shopping with Credit Cards Carrying a high balance on your credit card may reduce your credit score. Your credit utilization ratio (how much of your available credit you’re using) plays an essential role in determining your credit score. To avoid maxing out your cards and better track your spending, download our, “Monthly

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Winter Home Fire Safety Tips


In the winter months, heating, holiday decorations, winter storms, and candles all contribute to a higher risk of fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, many homes see an increase in fires, deaths, and injury during the colder months, when people turn on their heat to keep their homes warm. Keep yourself and your home safe this season by following these home fire safety tips below: Check Heating Sources Check that all heating sources such as fireplaces, wood stoves, and furnaces are well maintained. Always be sure to check and/or fix the equipment before

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Is a 20% Down Payment Really Necessary To Purchase a Home?


Is a 20% down payment needed to purchase a home? Let’s break down this common home buying misconception! Surprisingly, you do not have to put down the full 20% to purchase a home; There are a variety of loan options that require little to no down payment. According to a survey conducted by Lending Tree, the ability to afford a down payment is one of consumers biggest hurdles when trying to purchase a home. To many, saving for a down payment seems overwhelming and unattainable. Consequently, this misconception discourages consumers to give up on their homeownership

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Affordable and Simple Table Setting Ideas For Thanksgiving


Affordable and Simple Table Setting Ideas for Thanksgiving Sharing a meal and giving thanks with your friends and family is what Thanksgiving is all about. However, there is a lot to consider in terms of food and décor if you’re the one hosting. Setting a table is a great way make your guests feel special while adding some festive décor to your home this Thanksgiving. Check out these affordable and simple table setting ideas for Thanksgiving! Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Table Designate a separate table for kids and cover it in kraft paper to keep little

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