Direct Mortgage Loans’ 2021 New Mortgage Products


We are excited to share that, recently, DML added another line of mortgage products that our clients can take advantage of. Here’s a quick breakdown of the five new products. Bank Statements The Bank Statement Program reviews statements, analyzes deposits, and calculates income to allow more loans to be closed. Best for self-employed persons Credit scores starting at 640 Up to 90% LTV, no MI Investor Cash Flow This product allows property investors to build their portfolios faster. Up to 80% LTV Credit scores starting at 640 Qualifications based on property cash flow Asset Qualifier

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Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is a magical time of year for both children and adults, which is why it’s important to keep your home and children safe. Check out our Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners and Trick-Or-Treaters! LED’s Instead of Candles Substitute candles in your pumpkin for LEDs or battery-operated candles to prevent fire hazards. These are much safer alternatives and look just like the real thing! Outdoor Lights Make sure your home is well lit to ensure trick-or-treaters can easily see the path to your door. If you will not be home, turn off your lights to

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Behind The Mortgage Application


Let’s talk about mortgage applications! A mortgage application is a document that you submit to your Loan Officer when applying for a mortgage. The application helps lenders determine your loan eligibility. To start the process, you’ll need to provide the following: Employment Information: Your gross monthly income (what you’re paid before taxes) and your employment history. Documents: Your mortgage application will require the following documents. We’ll need these documents to verify your assets, income, and down payment funds. 2 Years of Tax Returns 2 Years of W-2’s Last 2 Paystubs 2 Months of Bank Statements Photo ID

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How to Decorate the Perfect Fall Front Porch


Here comes crisp weather, falling leaves, and hot pumpkin spice lattes. This means it’s time to decorate your front porch for the season. We’ve got you covered! Create the perfect fall front porch with these decorating ideas. Stacking Pumpkins and Mums Better Homes & Gardens suggest stacking a mix of pumpkins, mums, and fall décor to create a layered and full look on your front porch. If done right, this is the perfect attention drawer needed to show off your home. DIY Wooden Sign A vertical fall sign is the perfect companion to your front door.

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